Uprooting the Cause of Falling Property Value: 4 Ways Your Tree May be Negatively Affecting Your Property's Value

When you incorporate a mature tree into your property's landscaping design, if done well, you could increase the value of your property by up to 20 percent. A well established tree lends a house a sense of completeness, as well as offers many practical benefits such as shade, sound proofing, and aesthetic appeal in the spring and summer months. However, it is important that you plant your trees with an eye on what the future could entail in regards to possible issues. [Read More]

When Dogs Bark Up the Wrong Tree: What to Do if Your Dogs Start Attacking Your Trees

Young, energetic dogs and well-tended gardens are the kind of combination that drives green-fingered gardeners barking mad. When you bring a new pup into your household, and while focusing on house training them, it's easy to forget that your well-ordered and beautiful garden may soon fall prey to their exuberant explorations. Trees too, despite being far more robust than most plants, can fall prey to dogs. Not only do dogs love chewing on them, but trees make excellent territory markers, and young dogs relish the challenge of tearing up tree roots. [Read More]

Tree Service: Telltale Signs Your Tree Is In Dire Need of Trimming

Your trees may make a significant contribution to the kerb appeal of your property, but if they are not in good condition, they can quickly become a potential hazard. It would be prudent to call an arborist for routine tree maintenance to keep your trees in healthy condition and put off tree removal. One of the standard tree services that would be prudent on a scheduled basis is tree trimming. If you are unsure about whether your trees require trimming or not, below are a few of the telltale signs that you should be looking out for. [Read More]

How to nurture your young trees to withstand the winter season

Although trees are reasonably self-supporting, a newly planted tree needs a bit of care and support to help it develop a strong root system. The cold winter months can be particularly hard on newly planted or young trees that still haven't established robust root systems. As such, they need further care during the cold months to avoid the possibility of becoming stressed because of lack of water, nutrient inadequacies or freezing. [Read More]