Six Reasons To Remove A Stump From Your Garden

If you've had to remove a tree due to storm damage, root growth or disease, it leaves an ugly stump in its wake. You then need to decide what to do with that. Here are four reasons why stump removal is a good option.

Prevents Pest Infestation

Decaying, rotting stumps provide the perfect undisturbed haven for wood-eating pests, such as termites, ants and beetles, to nest in. Over time, these insects can move on to other places: nearby sheds, patio furniture and eventually your home. By the time it gets to this, you will have no option but to hire pest extermination services. If you remove the stump, however, you eliminate that issue before it starts.

Provides A Safety Hazard

Tree stumps— especially when shaved close to the ground and buried in the grass—present a tripping hazard to anyone playing or walking in the backyard. As well as being dangerous to friends and family, a low-lying stump can cause a problem when you're lawn-mowing, damaging equipment which can result in costly repairs.

Avoids Spreading Disease

If the removed tree harboured disease, then it is especially important to remove the stump and any remaining traces. A base can foster the disease, which can spread to other shrubs, bushes and plants. When removing a sick tree, an expert can check the surrounding soil to assess its health.

Prevents New Growth

Once a tree becomes a stump, you might assume it's dead. However, new sprouts can grow out of the top, eventually evolving into trees. To develop, these will take nutrients and moisture away from other plants in your garden. Removing the stump will ensure that the tree is definitely gone, once and for all.

Ensures An Attractive Garden

Stumps create a blot in a garden landscape, and they can prove awkward to landscape around. While planters can offer some cover, once the base begins rotting and decaying, it's not something you want to draw attention to. Eradicating the stump will prevent this problem so that you can enjoy a smooth, lush lawn. Additionally, an old stump lying around gives a garden a neglected appearance, whereas removing it helps to provide a tidy and well-kept air. 

Makes The Most Of Space

Yard space is a valuable asset. After removing the stump, you can make the most of the area by digging it up and replanting. Or you could install an attractive water feature, rose garden or lawn ornament in its place.

Reach out to a stump removal service to learn more.