Four Perfect Privacy Trees Which Grow Fast In Australian Gardens

Moving into a brand-new home in a brand-new estate is an exercise in excitement. Finally, you get a house built exactly the way you want it, and no one has had a chance to enjoy it before you. The only problem with moving into a new home is that you need to start from scratch when it comes to landscaping. Some building contracts include plants in their pricing, but others do not. As someone who wants ideas for fast-growing trees for their new home, here are three suggestions which will provide your property with privacy in no time at all.


You can't go past bamboo when it comes to creating a privacy fence, but it is important you choose a clumping strain. A clumping type of bamboo is one which can easily have its growth controlled. If you choose a running bamboo, you're going to get uncontrollable growth that doesn't fit your landscaping plans. Bamboo easily grows to four metres in a couple of years, which is the same height as a standard fenceline. Bamboo needs little maintenance, but it is important that the soil has good drainage, otherwise the plant roots will die.

Lilly Pilly

A Lilly Pilly is a pretty tree which also produces pink berries. You can turn these berries into a jam by following recipes found online and in cookbooks. Lilly Pillies reach around 5 metres once mature and have pretty green leaves. Lilly Pilly suit climates like Victoria and Tasmania over hot states like Queensland.

Photinia Robusta

Phontinia Robusta is another tree which reaches approximately five metres when mature. There are three reasons to plant this particular tree:

  1. it has large leaves on it which help to provide plenty of privacy
  2. as the leaves grow, they start out red before turning green, so this provides plenty to talk about
  3. they grow anywhere in Australia so your location is never restrictive to this plant

To make sure you choose plants which grow well in your location's climate, head down to your local landscape tree supplier for more information. They have the knowledge and the stock to help you fill up your garden with the ideal choices of greenery. You just need to bear in mind how much maintenance the tree needs, whether it suits your hot or cold climate, and just how big it is going to get once fully mature. The sooner you get your trees planted, the faster you can begin your quest for privacy at home.