When Weakened Trunks Go Thunk: How to Tell If Your Tree's Trunk Is Weak

Are you concerned about the strength of your tree's trunk? Are you worried that it might not be able to withstand the coming thunderstorms that are so prevalent throughout Australia between September and March? Then you would be wise to perform a self-assessment before the worst of the weather arrives. Because trees in urban areas have little to nothing to protect them from high winds during storms, it is important that they possess strong and sturdy trunks. [Read More]

Six Reasons To Remove A Stump From Your Garden

If you've had to remove a tree due to storm damage, root growth or disease, it leaves an ugly stump in its wake. You then need to decide what to do with that. Here are four reasons why stump removal is a good option. Prevents Pest Infestation Decaying, rotting stumps provide the perfect undisturbed haven for wood-eating pests, such as termites, ants and beetles, to nest in. Over time, these insects can move on to other places: nearby sheds, patio furniture and eventually your home. [Read More]