Two Situations in Which You Should Not Cut Down a Tree Yourself

Whilst it is technically possible to cut down a tree by yourself (instead of hiring an arborist to do it), there are many situations in which attempting to do so could have disastrous consequences.

Continue reading to learn about two specific situations in which it is not advisable to opt for the DIY approach to tree removal.

The tree that needs to be removed is a coconut palm tree.

If the tree that you need to remove is a coconut palm tree, you should not try to cut it down by yourself, but should instead hire a palm tree removalist to do it for you.

If you try to remove this particular type of tree on your own, there is a risk that you may end up being seriously injured.The reason for this is as follows: as you remove the branches of the tree to which the coconuts are attached, some of these coconuts will fall off the branches. If the branch you are removing happens to be positioned above you, the falling coconut could hit you on the head.

If this should happen, you could potentially be knocked unconscious (due to the heavy weight of this fruit), in which case you, along with the chainsaw you were using, could fall out of the tree and hit the ground very hard. You would not only sustain injuries as result of being struck by the coconut and by falling from a height, but could also be hurt by the falling chainsaw if it lands on your body.

In this situation, it would be much wiser to simply allow an arborist who routinely performs palm tree removal to carry out this work. Their skills, experience and safety gear (including commercial-grade head protection) means that there is virtually no risk of them making the above-mentioned type of mistake.

The tree is extremely old.

If the tree that you wish to cut down was planted many years ago, you should definitely not attempt to handle the process of removing it by yourself.The reason for this is as follows: a tree which has been maturing for a few decades is likely to have developed an extremely deep and strong root system.

This type of system cannot be killed off without the use of several pieces of heavy-duty equipment, including an excavator. If you don't have this equipment and you fail to remove a crucial living part of the root system, the tree may start to grow back again.

Because of this, if your tree is very old, it is best to have an arborist, who has access to the right equipment and who has the knowledge needed to do this job properly, handle this task.