Why Treated Pine Makes a Great Choice for Your Pergola

There are some very good reasons to choose treated pine rather than the more costly hardwood varieties when building a pergola. This less expensive option is now becoming a very popular choice and is well worth considering. Learn about treated pine and how you can save money and at the same time make use of an environmentally friendly product when building your pergola or deck. Treated Pine Basics There are several types of treated pine and it helps to know exactly what you are buying when choosing your timber. [Read More]

What is apple scab and how you can stop it from attacking your apples?

Do you have a dream of having a back garden full of apple trees, blooming with delicious fruit? Perhaps you have the fantasy of picking fresh apples from the tree and eating them on a summer's day or of making apple pie with your home grown apples and sharing it with your family. If you have enough space in your garden for an apple tree, this could be a reality for you, but not if apple scab attacks. [Read More]

Tree Removal In Tasmania: How To Deal With Significant Trees

If you want to remove a tree, it's important to find out if your property or tree is protected in some way. A heritage listing restricts the actions you can take and may mean you have to consider more costly alternatives. What's more, if you ignore the heritage listing rules, you could face a hefty fine. If you need to remove a significant tree on a heritage-listed property, learn more about the restrictions you must consider and find out about what you need to do to stay on the right side of the law. [Read More]