Two tips for business owners who have bought properties which have several large trees

If the property you have just purchased features several large trees, you should keep the advice below in mind.

Request some tree reports

The first thing you should do is look for a company that does tree reports and have them create a report for each of the trees on your property. If you are considering keeping the trees, then you must ensure that they will not pose any danger to your customers. The only way to find out if they may be hazardous is to have them examined by a tree specialist and read the resultant reports they write up. These reports will tell you if, for example, you need to be concerned about the stability of a leaning tree or if a particular tree will grow fruit that might hurt people when it falls (such as the heavy coconuts that a palm tree produces).

Finding out exactly what type of threat certain trees might pose to your customers will not only ensure that you remove or trim those that are dangerous, but it will also mean that you do not waste money removing a tree which looks a bit hazardous but which actually isn't (for instance, whilst you might think that all leaning trees are unsafe, the truth is that many of them are as stable as their upright counterparts).

Seek advice on how to take care of the trees you decide to keep

If after reading through the tree reports, you decide to keep some of the trees, you must find out how to take care of each of them. Whilst the tree reports themselves will help you to do this (as the reports will tell you which species each tree is as well as which diseases each of them might have), you should also ask the tree specialist who writes these reports for more detailed information on how to keep them all healthy.

They can offer advice regarding how often each type of tree needs to be pruned and watered, what steps you'll need to take to deal with the diseases certain trees have and what physical warning signs you need to watch out for that indicate you need the help of an arborist (such as the emergence of visible tree roots). Seeking and following this specialist's advice will ensure the trees continue to serve as safe and beautiful features which add to your property's appeal.