Questions To Ask Yourself When Contemplating Tree Removal

Trees are the most revered plants on any property. Thus, it is not surprising to find homeowners getting attached to older properties that have large, majestic trees on the property. However, trees can entail labour intensive maintenance. If you do not have the time or the means to engage in this maintenance, your trees can begin to decline. Conversely, a poorly maintained tree can also end up overrunning your property. Here are a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself to determine whether you are in need of tree removal services.  

Is your tree in good health?

A healthy tree can significantly improve the kerb appeal of your property. A sick tree, on the other hand, poses an abundance of risk to your property. Unhealthy trees will begin to decay and this makes their limbs susceptible of falling off at a drop of a hat. In addition to this, extensive decay on an unhealthy tree will cause the trunk to become hollow. Over time, this can pose the risk of the tree toppling over, especially during storm season.

To determine whether your tree is healthy, you should carry out routine inspections on it. Examine the bark to check for any signs of abnormal growths or infestations. You could also examine the leaves to check if they are dying, as this would indicate that they are not receiving any nutrition. If your tree's health has significantly declined, you need to hire an arborist to remove the tree.

Is your tree a safety concern?

The second question to ask yourself would be whether the structural integrity of your tree has been compromised. There is a number of reasons why a healthy tree can become structurally unsound. These include consistent stormy weather, bush fires and any other form of natural disaster.

Some of the things to look out for would be oddly balanced branches, severe cracks extending on the trunk of the tree and an overall lack of stability of the tree. It would be prudent to have this tree removed as it could pose significant damage to your property in the event that it succumbs to its structural damages.

Is your tree affecting your plants?

Some trees can be quite selfish in the sense that they take up all the nutrients and hydration in your soil. These species tend to have extensive root systems and over time, you will find other plants in close proximity are dying off. If you would like to keep your yard attractive, it would be essential to hire an arborist to determine if your property would be better off without the tree.