Four Reasons You Need to Have the Stump Removed Right After a Tree Is Felled

Not many people understand just how important it is to have the stump removed after a tree has been felled and taken away. After all, the stump can seem quite innocuous. However, there are several reasons why you really need to have the stump removed with the tree, and here are just four.

1. Stumps Attract Insects

If you have an image of a nice weathered stump after a few years, think again. Stumps will usually just start to rot and decay. This is unpleasant in and of itself, but an even worse complication is that a rotting stump will attract pests, such as termites, borers, and ants. Open and rotting stumps make an ideal home for such pests, and from there they will be able to spread into other parts of the garden or possibly into your home.

2. Stumps Can Harbour Disease

Many trees are removed because they have developed some kind of disease or fungus. If you leave the stump where it is, you might find that it continues to harbour that same disease or fungus. Alternatively, such issues could arise independently since the stump will be open to the elements and without any natural defences. Obviously you won't need to worry about how this will affect the rest of the tree, but you should be concerned that the disease or fungus could spread to other plants or trees.

3. Stumps Are Obstructive

Even if the stump manages to stay healthy, it's not exactly going to help make your garden look its best. In fact, stumps are a bit of an eyesore, and they are physically as well as visually obtrusive. Whether you're trying to mow the lawn or play a game of football with your kids, the stump is only going to get in the way.

4. It's Better Now Than Later

It's likely that the points made above have keyed you into just how important it is to have a stump removed, but you might think about putting the task off. After all, you will have just spent money having the tree itself felled. However, it's better to get the task done right away. For starters, you'll probably find that the tree remover will be willing to strike a deal if you're having the stump removed at the same time as the tree. Perhaps more importantly, it will become much harder, and therefore more expensive, to remove a stump that has begun to weaken and decay.